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Design Day

Do you ever wish you could hire someone to help you with your Wix Website for a DAY?

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Hire a Wix web designer
FOR THE DAY for a fraction of the price of a fully custom website to work on your website to-do list!

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  • As a seasoned professional in your field, your expertise lies in your business, not in navigating the intricacies of website design and functionality.

  • Perhaps you initially took the DIY approach to crafting your website, but now find yourself craving a more sophisticated and refined appearance.

  • With your busy schedule, allocating time to implement crucial updates or develop new pages for your site is a challenge.

  • You aspire to present a website that reflects the caliber of your business, one you’re proud to share without hesitation.

  • What you truly desire is guidance from someone who can elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your site, sparing you the frustration of endless hours scouring the internet for solutions.

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Get the help you need with your Wix Website without having to wait months on a waiting list.

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what's included:

  • An outline of the information you need to prepare for our day (website copy, images, fonts, graphics) must be supplied prior to the design day.

  • A 30 minute call to plan the best use of time for our Design Day.

  • My undivided attention on your website needs for 6 hours on the booked day to complete as much of your to-do list as possible.

  • All mobile layouts for any pages or sections I have done to ensure your site looks good on all device sizes (these are done the day after). The actual Design Day is spent designing the desktop version of the website. 

  • 10 days of post support to answer questions about the work done.

  • Optional add on fee: custom tutorial videos created just for you so you are fully in control of updating your own website. (+$450)

Your Investment: $2,200

Optional Video Tutorial Package: +$450

Just have a small amount of work you need help with? Half days are also available.

Explore resources for your online business such as fonts, graphics, stock imagery & more.

Are you ready for results? Begin your Wix Website transformation today!

Not sure if a Design Day is right for you?

Email me to arrange a consult call and we will work through it together!

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