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Graphic Design Trends for 2024

Discover cutting-edge styles, innovative tools, and expert insights to elevate your brand and captivate audiences.


Tactile, imperfect details that hint at artistry. Hands-on design work that preserves its human creator’s unmistakable prints – it’s emotional, personal, and one-of-a-kind. As incredible AI advancements continue to roll out in every single design tool we use, creators are allowing more of their unedited selves to show up in their work. Doodles, lettering, odd marks, and uneven texturing. We’re here for this era of quirk: unapologetic, loud, real.


Fast forward to 2054. Pixel art, grunge gradients, and otherworldly escapism come together in a maximalist, dystopic style that feels familiar but futuristic. Influenced by Japanese gaming, virtual reality, surrealism, artificial intelligence, and our best predictions for a tech-enabled future that still includes us. Expect to see mixed media design projects that trespass the boundaries of different mediums to propose a bold view of the future.


Designers are learning to work along with AI to facilitate reference gathering, research, repetitive tasks, and copywriting. In doing so, they are becoming more involved in curation and art direction – even as solopreneurs. Integrating AI tools as assistants, many designers are finding time for a role where their imagination is most instrumental: creative direction.


Steve Jobs defined design as not just how something looks like, but how it works. We find ourselves creating at an era where design is what it looks like, how it works, and how it’s actually disposed of. Designers are integrating sustainable materials into their work and considering the environmental impact their choices have. Beyond look and feel, we’re getting more involved with how products and their promotional materials affect the planet. Expect a more minimalist approach to packaging design, concerned with material functionality beyond usage.


Animation makes human imagination visible. Our natural knack for storytelling and desire for sensory stimulation come together to shape sequences where graphics come alive. In 2024, designers expect to see websites, illustrations, and social media living and breathing, capturing our attention through motion. Procreate Dreams is a tool to watch in this space. 

Dynamic by Design features elements that exude motion and volume, imbuing designs with a sense of movement, even while static. Think bubbles, liquids, molten metals, abstract shapes, and more 3D elements in vibrant color schemes.

Article by Creative Market


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